The ‘Top 5 Web Series’ which are still trending in India in 2021:

There are a few web series that are still relevant after all these years. Web series are becoming more commercially successful than movies these days. There are still some of the series which are trendy after the web has produced the kind of fun, risky and uncommon content that has made binge-watching our favourite teenage activity. The web series have the high chances to be “picked up,” by the subscribers. It does not seem like the right time to speak about binge watch, when the world is suffering with a deadly pandemic. But, for many being happy, motivated, and encouraging during these difficult times is the way to solve obvious problems.

So, here are some OTT shows that may help you to be more positive and not make you wanting to leave home.

1.   The Family Man

Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. developed, directed, and produced The Family Man, an Indian Hindi-language espionage action thriller web series on Amazon Prime Video.A National Investigation Agency employee seeks to protect the country from terrorism while still keeping his family away from his secret employment.

2. BoJack Horseman (2014)

BoJack Horseman is a cartoon horse who has returned after an 18-year absence to reclaim his dignity, which he had lost due to his self-loathing attitude and uncontrollable boozing habits. He sets out to make amends with the help of a human sidekick and his agent, a feline ex-girlfriend.

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3.   SUITS

It is based on the best bromance on television. Suits is, at its heart, a show about the friendship between two attorneys, Harvey Specter and Mike Ross (Adams). Their professional partnership has developed into one of the most realistic bromances on television, filled with witty humor and a strong sense of loyally on both sides. The show also casted Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, the one from The Royal Family and Monarchs of UK.

4.   The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is the best comedy on television, and viewers can watch it. It has a lot of likable characters, a lot of memorable and funny moments, and an ongoing plot that is unforgettable. Sheldon Cooper’s witty and non-social character played by Jim Parsons will leave you wanting more, With a subscription, you can watch The Big Bang Theory on HBO Max.

5.  The Vampire Diaries:

Elena Gilbert is a famous high school student who has always gotten the guy she wanted. She was perplexed when the mysteriously handsome Stefan seemed unconcerned about her. Elena, on the other hand, is unaware that Stefan avoids her because he is a danger to her. Stefan is a vampire, so being near her is risky. The CW’s first season averaged 3.60 million viewers, with the series finale attracting the most viewers of any series opener since the network’s inception in 2006. The Salvatore brother duo portrayed by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley recently launched their favourite bourbon whiskey from the show in real under brand name “The Brother’s Bond Bourbon”.

By Shivani Gaur: (Content Writer, Digital Marketing,SEO Specialist)


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