Top 5 Books That Will Change Your Life In 2021

Here’s  a list of books, curated in particular to help you out with this pandemic and the negative vibes we’re incapsulated with,  during such grim and banal times. These are the books penned by some of the best authors having a vast knowledge of human psych and the rigour we human possess to come out of our miseries.
Pleae give it a shot, dive in.

The power of self-esteem- Nathaniel Branden
This 102- paged- book takes you through a detailed journey of what exactly self-esteem is and why you need it. The author himself being a psychotherapist, you can see quite a few dialogues or incidents with his clients in the book, which by the way are oh-so-relatable sometimes. Overall, the book talks about how important it is for the self-esteem to be practiced with children by their parents, and even if you are an adult, it tells you ways in which you can build it now. Especially the part where the book tells you the power of self esteem at workplace, from page 75 onwards, is something you must read no matter your age or profession.

The 5 second rule to transform you’re your life, work and confidence with everyday courage – Mel Robbins

The author is originally an American lawyer, and also a motivational speaker. Through the course of 252 pages of the book, the author guides you not only about what actually the 5 second rule is and how and when to use it, but also talks about other just as important life changing, essential habits. It is based on a belief that, “ If you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill it.” The author says that the question is not what to do, but how to do, and this book correctly answers ‘how’.

The Art of work: A proven path to discovering what you were meant to do – Jeff Goins

If you are currently lost in your life, or are feeling stuck in a loop of demotivational and failure, this book will be the engine to get your journey started to find out what you were really meant to do in life. This 262- paged book is full of interesting anecdotes and dialogues, so you will for sure enjoy this journey. In this book, Goins shares his journey from quitting his job at 30, and the life that happened to him following that. He not only tells you how to find your calling but also tells what to expect once you set your goal. Also, Goins is an award winning blogger so his story is something that will motivate you.

Give and Take – Adam Grant

The author is a psychologist by profession, and through the course of the book, shares some incidents and questions you about it, making you actively think about it and this is what is extra-special about this book. The perspectives of psychology that the author has brought in these situations, for one will leave you with a lifelong impact and next time you face such a situation as mentioned in the book, you know what to do. This book tells you how to be a smart giver, and how to not be a ‘pushover’, as Rachel from “Friends” would have called it. This book is praised by social scientists, business theorists and corporate leaders,

Living in the Light: A guide to personal and planetary transformation- Shakti Gawain with Laurel King

As the name suggests, the author talks about personal transformation, with the help of a very mystical, yet so simple concept, intuition. Gawain takes the reader on a journey towards spiritual growth, and inner peace. While the language of the book may feel preachy, but the concepts discussed in the book are very unique and are supported with anecdotes too. It asks the reader to first of all believe in your gut feelings, and follow that intuition as a force to change your life for the good.
Online versions of all these books will be easily available to you. So, what are you waiting for? Go start your journey towards your ultimate success already!

Aditi Teredesai

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