Bridgerton : A fairy tale set in Regency Era England

Netflix’s Bridgerton is up and running. Based upon the novel by Julia Quinn, Shonda Rhimes- produced Bridgerton, is set in early 19th century Regency era London. Dukes , Duchess, rich English families flaunting their offspring, in an effort to land a handsome groom or bride. Women, in their teenage years, still unaware of human anatomy, well.. some if not all, trying to land a rich husband, with titles, and with a little luck, even a palace maybe , of course after paying handsome dowry.

The Bridgerton Family

There’s Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) , the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page), Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and there’s one lady Whistledown (Julie Andrews gave her voice) keeping tabs on every family, every member of the family old enough to get married and serving every incident that happens however embarrassing as gossip. 

The show is nothing like Jane Austen England. No British imperialism, No racial inequality, and No actual life for that matter in 1813 London. What it actually is a fiction dipped in romance, sexuality, a fairy tale if you’d, that challenges the perceptions of race since it has various characters of Black community as Royals. 

Daphne is beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful in Ton, but still unaware of love, even her needs. She attends many balls, gatherings , not just to keep appearances but to have the attention of eligible suitors. Like most girls her age, craving for attention, donning beautiful fabrics, she’s out there well for not long.

Eventually she makes a deal with Simon, the Duke of Hastings , to keep her occupied until a better suitor comes along. This in turn would keep lurking mothers trying to catch Duke for their daughters at distance. Yes, that’s the deal they make. 

Eloise Bridgerton and Penelope/by Bridgerton instagram

But there’s one Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie). She’s the fun, inquisitive, and an Enola Holmes in making. Not like Daphne at all. She believes, since Daphne is perfect, She doesn’t have to be. And that gives her some liberty to be herself. Do what she likes. 

And The Penelope Featherington

You might also find the character of Penelope Featherington (Nicole Coughlan) quite charming and relatable. Marred by insecurities that come if you’re not just as lean, tall, and pretty as other girls in Ton, she tries to hold herself together all the time. Eloise is the only companion she got who isn’t condescending or makes her feel any less. 

Anthony Bridgerton, being the Viscount, the eldest son in Bridgerton family, is ostensibly burdened by the responsibilities that come with being the new Viscount. A constant strife haunts him and his non- platonic companions, which don’t find a respectable place in social hierarchy and Siena, a companion of his, quite struggles with this very same complex situation. 

Rene Jean Page as the Duke Of Hastings and Lady Danbury

The Duke of Hastings

The Duke himself has his own complexities when it comes to life. A rude and cruel father with expectations that were borderline torture to a little Simon, resulting in mental agony and a sense of not being perfect now that he’s grown up. Well his father is long dead now and apart from feeling lonely he still has the responsibilities to carry on as the Duke. 

Golda Rosheuvel plays the queen Charlotte of England and Lady Danbury ( Adjoa Andoh), a widowed and rich old woman is The Duke’s mentor.

Bridgerton season 2 is something that most viewers are waiting for and after Regé-Jean Page announced that he won’t be appearing in season 2 of Bridgerton, ‘it’s always the plan’ as he said, it’s quite interesting to see what lady whistledown will publish in her daily gossip columns. The Viscount Who Loved Me, the second book in the series of 8 novels, will feature the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton at the centre of everything that goes on in Ton.

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