Mare of EastTown: Kate Winslet Plays A Detective

(Spoiler Alerts!) Trying to solve the missing case of one Katie Bailey, Kate Winslet as a Detective in Mare of Easttown , Pennsylvania makes an effort to keep her life from falling apart everyday. 

 Mare is a resilient woman. Even though she’s a grandson Drew, she’s a very agile , can jump fences..and she’s very brave.  Mare Sheehan, who’s still working on a missing case with no obvious leads, is taken aback by the murder of Erin, a 17 years old girl with a kid under mysterious circumstance.  Mare, who’s lost her son and her dad to suicide in the past is severely worried about her  grandson, four years old Drew,  inheriting the same fate and is afraid of losing custody of her grand-son. 

She’s a good cop. And in the fifth episode of the series she did hunt down the kidnapper of two young girls gone missing.  Kate Winslet, as great actor she is, portrayed this very intricately woven character of Mare perfectly. 

Mare of Easttown is not your usual crime drama tv show. With many moving characters, all very substantial to the plot, the show is a screenplay marvel. The role of county detective Zabel (played by Evan Peters)  who is assigned to help Mare with her case is also valuable to the plot. He’s sharp and has great instincts. 
Guy Pearce as Richard Ryan also appears in the role of an author, who just moved into town and eventually befriends Mare in a bar.
 He tries to remind Mare to take care of herself as she’s overwhelmed by her personal and professional commitments. The show also features Jean Smart as Helen, Mare’s mother and Angourie Rice as Siobhan Sheehan, Mare’s daughter.  With Two more episodes slated to air on 23rd May and on 30th, Mare of Easttown is a delight to watch. 

Doing something great is overrated. Cause ..then, people expect that from you…all the time. what they don’t realize is that’re just as screwed up as they are.

-Mare Sheehan

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