Akshay Tritiya : Its Religious Significance In India

One of the most auspicious occasions in India , Akshay Tritiya has immense importance in the Hindu religion. The word “Akshay” means something which never ceases, in spiritual terms it’s taken in the context of prosperity and good luck. It is also interpreted as the “punya” that one earns from the good deeds done today, will remains forever with you. Buying gold is of tremendous importance today, so is remembering our ancestors, and it is considered to be very auspicious to perform religious ceremonies today, be it marriage or venturing into new avenues.

There are many legends about this day throughout India, while the Northern India believes it’s Lord Parasuram’s birth anniversary, the Southern India believes that it was on this day that Lord Brahma created the world. Particularly donating things today is of great importance today, especially jalkumbh, sandalwood,etc. Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Narayan are worshipped today, and many communities believe that even buying rock, salt and turmeric today is equal to buying Gold. Agriculture activities too, are supposed to begin from this day.

How truly culturally diverse India is! And if one has to look at things from a logical way, this day talks about the importance of investment, as buying gold can be viewed as financial security. It teaches people to help the poor and needy, by preaching that great “punya” will be earned if donations are done today.

Even the things that are prescribed to be donated have kept the situation of summer into consideration. Remembering our ancestors gives a sense of gratitude and satisfaction. In these times of pandemic, how could anyone ignore this message? Is it not truly amazing how deep and foresighted our ancestors were to give such teachings through the form of religion? It depends on us whether we take it along with the religious aspect or take it just as a good teaching.

शुभ अक्षयतृतीया!

By- Aditi Teredesai

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