5 Best Countries for Indian Tourists

5 Best Countries for Indian Tourists: The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India has brought a host of flights ban to foreign countries. These include various beautiful destinations like the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Europe, United Arab Emirates, Hong-Kong, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown has been imposed, borders closed, and travelling was not no longer an easy task.

But don’t get disheartened, you have other choices for this season too. Many countries are still open with minimum travel restrictions for Indian tourists to plan their trips.

Let’s look up at the list of the countries where you can plan your trip.

1. Russia

Russia is one of the few countries that is allowing Indians to get a tourist Visa at the cost of a Covid-19 negative report, not more than 72 hrs before arrival.

Moscow Mules in Moscow sounds like the perfect destination to reach out.

Also, promises of ‘vaccine holidays’ are turning out to be false, because Russsian authorities have confirmed to the India Today group that the country isn’t inoculating tourists. (5 Best Countries for Indian Tourists)

2. UAE

From glittering views of Dubai to visits to luxurious stays in the Burj-Khalifa, you can now make plans with your partner to have a fun and relaxing moment with your partner or family. For this you will need to show a negative COVID-19 report of the test taken up not more than 72hrs of arrival. Travel restrictions are not much in Dubai. You can have a good time with your partner or your family there. (5 Best Countries for Indian Tourists)

3. Egypt

Egypt is also open to Indian tourists during this second wave. But make sure you are completely corona free because on your arrival you have to go through a rapid DNA test. And if you are found positive, then either you will be asked to return back or you will be isolated for the next 14 days.

4. South Africa

Same rules apply to South Africa too. You must have a negative PCR test report of not more than 72 hours before you arrive in the country. And if you will be unable to furnish a negative test result, then you will have to isolate yourself on your own expenses. South Africanis currently under Level1 curfew, which includes restrictions on gatherings and the open nightclubs. (5 Best Countries for Indian Tourists)

The wildlife parks and cultural attractions make the country an excellent place for a much needed vacation.

5. Turkey

While Turkey is also open to Indians. Mandatory 14 day institutional quarantine has to be followed after arriving into the country.

Aya Sofya, Ephesus ,Cappadocia are some of the beautiful attractions of Turkey. One must reach out to these beautiful places if you are planning your visit to Turkey.

– Radha Agrawal

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