Trending Fashion Styles for Summer 2021

Summer is seriously the best season for bold outfits. Though Spring always sparks the best start for stylish fits we’re feeling inspired by the archival Vogue images that perfectly balance classic style and fun seasonal trends. 

From 70s-inspired denims to decadent leather, 2021 brings us an array of trends to truly experience the joy of fashion and to beat the summer heat in style.

With no more delay, let’s tune into the latest summer collections that one can’t miss this summer.

Floral Print Clothes

Floral printed clothes never go out of the league. It can be styled in many ways. One can tuck a floral printed shirt and go bold with plain denim jeans or just pair a bright coloured floral frock with a denim jacket with a sleek belt to add shape to the outfit with strappy sandals and a bold lipstick shade.

Puff – sleeves

Every time we have seen puff sleeves on the runway, we have associated it with the fairy princess Cyndrella dresses.Puff-sleeves as the name implies a decadent ‘puff’ of fabric. Think of Renaissance Kings and Queens with their big sleeves, or Kajol and Madhuri from the 1990s.

Linen – shirts

Linen-classic shirts for women have a very high moisture absorbency rate, making it ideal specially for springs. It is also hypoallergenic, which means sweat is less likely to break down its fibers. Carrying plain linen shirts with baggy linen trousers is the upcoming trend. It’s the perfect comb for your next tropical vacation.

Jump – suits

Jumpsuits have come of age now, and are finally both suitable for men and women. Jumpsuits, one piece garments are probably used by parachuters. But they are having their own style moment right now. The new ones designed for men are definitely one of the biggest trends of summer 2021. They are the best outfit for the beaches; men with a lean physique. It not only makes you look sexy but makes you feel ultra- comfortable.

Square neck tops

Unique necklines have been all the rage since the rise of Zoom culture. Square-neck-tops, look feminine and give you a chance to show off structured collar bones. Pairing it with high-waist denim jeans along with the heels and a pair of sunglasses gives you a cool look for this upcoming spring.

– Radha Agrawal

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