Monsoon Season: Vegetables You Can Grow At Home

Monsoon is the best season in India to enjoy. The monsoon is just around the corner, and everyone is looking forward to planting new varieties of plants in the season. Well it’s not easy to take charge of planting new varieties at home as it is not easy to plant in rainy seasons. Some plants require a certain environment to thrive, temperature level, humidity, soil PH level, all these factors play an important role in the growth of the plants. Therefore, it is important to know which season is compatible with what type of plants.

Monsoon is not suitable for all the plants but still there are some plants that look greener than ever, the rainwater using its superpowers yield advantages to a plant that tap water can not. There are a variety of vegetables that love the rainy season and grow magically during this time of the year. Well we are here with some rainy season veggies that you can grow on your terrace in this upcoming season.

  • Tomatoes

Not all the tomatoes are easy to grow in this monsoon but the cherry tomatoes are super easy to grow during the monsoons. The ideal time to grow tomatoes during the rainy season in North India is between June and August and in South India is between July and August.
It is one of the most versatile and most widely used vegetables in Indian cuisine. Tomatoes are full of Vitamin C.

For planting tomatoes choose a location that receives 5-6hours of sunlight. The ideal temperature required for the germination of tomato seeds ranges between 21 to 27 degree Celsius. For the best result use organic soil as it is more effective and chemicals free. Growing tomatoes on your own will bring you fresh ingredients for your soups, salads, sandwiches and many more.

  • Radish

Radish is an all time crop. It needs direct sun and relatively cool soil. Planting can be done during August. This easy-to-grow root vegetable gets ready to be harvested within three weeks after planting. Therefore, it can be planted multiple times in the growing season. The peppery flavour of radishes adds a kick to salads and soups, and this plant takes up very little space to grow. The ideal time to grow radishes in India is between August to January.
 With several varieties that can be grown during the monsoon, let radish be your gardening experiment this rainy season. 

  • Cucumber

Cucumber, the summer’s best filler in the scorching heat of the sun. It’s easy to digest.Cucumber is an easy-to-grow vegetable that loves water and sun. Cucumbers grow in a snap as they receive constant watering and warmth. It can easily thrive in a small space because of its climbing abilities. Cucumbers are perfect for your salads.Good soil, sun and plenty of moisture is needed for it’s best growth. Ideally, cucumbers need 55 to 70 days to grow and produce fruit. The ideal temperature for cucumbers to grow is 16-32° C.

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  • Lady – finger

Bhindi is one of the most loved vegetables in India, relished by kids and adults alike. It requires a warm and humid climate to grow. The beginning of the rainy season in India is the ideal time to grow lady- finger. One can easily plant it on the terrace. It is rich in Vitamin A and low in calories. It is not only a great addition to your diet but also looks lovely throughout the season due to its beautiful flowers.
Keep the plants well-watered throughout the growing period. The first harvest will be ready after 2 months of planting the seeds.

  • Brinjal/Eggplant

Brinjal aka eggplants are rich in iron, calcium, and fiber. This versatile plant is very healthy and can be prepared in many ways. It is very easy to grow these plants in your garden or on a terrace. Pick a big spot as they need a great deal of space to thrive in comparison to the other plants. A sunny spot with moist soil is the key to keeping your eggplants happy. The seeds can be directly down into your gardens. Plant the seed about 1 centimeter deep and spaced about 15 centimeters from one another. Water your plants regularly and the seeds will start to germinate within 2-3 weeks. Other than the basic sun and water, eggplants don’t require extra nutrients and feeding. Your Brinjals should be ready for picking after 1-2 months of planting.
Well these are the main vegetables that one can grow on their own in the upcoming and enjoy.

– Radha Agrawal

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