What’s new on Netflix this Week (May 19th to May 23rd )

Every month several TV shows and Films are added to Netflix originals. If you’re anything like me and wondering what tv series or movies to binge watch this month/ week we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of tv shows and movies you cannot miss this week but Before full list let’s have a recap of much awaited TV shows and Movies.
Who killed Sara? Season 2 :
When , the season 1 of this web show ended it left a head scratching suspense to their viewers . This web series is pretty mysterious  in its plot and storyline.  End of the season 1 multiplies suspense and leaves many questions to the viewers : Is Sara really dead ? , Is Elray dead ? , Whose skeletal remains are in Alex’s backyard ? And what is Mariana going to do to Sofia’s baby?

Who killed Sara 2

These brain squeezing queries makes this season more mysterious and Interesting too. Who killed Sara season 2 comes to Netflix on May 19th, Today. 
Small town crime 
Small town crime is directed and written by Eshom Nelms and  Ian Nelms Starring – John Hawkes , Anthony Anderson and Octavia Spencer. In this thriller crime movie , an alcoholic ex-cop finds a woman on the roadside , left to die. His kick to save the woman and finding the killer key feature of the plot. It debutes on Netflix on May 19th.

Army Of  The Dead : May 21st 
Army of the dead is an American Zombie heist film directed by Zack Snyder . The screenplay of this movie is written by Zack Snyder , Shay Hatten and Joby Harold .Starcast of this movie includes Dave Bautisla , Ella purnell , Omari Hardwick , Ana de la Reguera and many other talented actors will surely catch your attention on this Friday May 21st.

Here is the list of the Tv shows and movies of Netflix originals which will entertain you this week:

Coming to Netflix on May 19th : 
Who killed Sara? Season 2
The last days (1998)
Sabotage (2014)
Small Town Crime (2017)

Coming to Netflix on May 20th :
Hating Peter Tatchell (2021)
Little Singham future mein satakli (2021)
Special (Season 2)
Spy Kids : All the time in the world ( 2011)

Coming to Netflix on May 21th :
Army of the dead (2021)
Jurrasic world camp Cretaceous (season 3)
Strain (2020)
The neighbor (season 2) 

Coming to Netflix on May 22nd :
Sam Smith : Love goes – live at Abbey road  Studios 

Coming to Netflix on May 23rd :
Master of none (season 3)

Master of none

By- Nisha Pathak

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