Friends Reunion:The one where they got back together

Friendship is something that always has a special place in a person’s heart, after all a man is a social animal. But, if you have been good friends with “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” the series, then you probably have a companion for life, as the 6 characters, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler (him especially), Joey and Phoebe will never fail to make you laugh. 

Monica (friends/instagram)

Well, the plot of the series is simple, 6 friends stay together in a Manhattan, New York city apartment and life happens to them. The everyday situations portrayed in the series is what makes people relate to it a lot, so does the distinctive character of every person. Rachel is a spoiled, but loving girl, Monica is a perfectionist, Phoebe is floopy, Ross is smart, Chandler is sarcastic and Joey is the handsome one and Joey… doesn’t share food.
Instead of us giving you details of this 90’s show, which we’d love, for once lets see what diehard ‘Friends’ fans have to say about their love for the series-

Rachel Green

“The thing I like the most about the series is that people of opposite gender can staying together, which is a very alien concept in India. And the way they support each other like, ‘come what may we are together in this world’ kind of support. It feels like home, every time I go back to the Season 1 Episode 1, it’s something I look forward to after having a long day.” Anuja, 22.


“I started watching Friends out of FOMO, as I would see posts about it on my friend’s social media, about the series, and much like everyone else, fell in love instantly. I particularly love the character of Phoebe, played by Lisa Kudrow as she is “lovingly weird”, I focus more on the ‘loving’ part. The way she cares about her friends and has sensitivity towards animals is something I admire the most about her, I get my love for animals from her. Best way to end my day after a hectic schedule.” Prasad, 24.

Friends reunion

“I came across this series accidently, when I was in 11th, at that time I didn’t even know that this series is so famous. That was that, and what started just as a means to improve my English, ended up being something I hold close to my heart today. Friends has got me through some really though times in life and watching it 100 times, over and over won’t seemingly be enough to me. Chandler’s sarcasm is what inspires most of my sense of humor, now what is left is to find a Monica who doesn’t mind it.” Sahil, 21.

“Since I started watching ‘Friends’, it is a magical experience for me. I never really thought I’d love any television show like this one. As a teenager trying to navigate through life, this is my go-to series every day, and I was so shocked when I learnt that the cast is old now! For me it is the lightweight humor through which they communicate some very difficult situations and concepts, as if teaching me to find a more positive perspective to look at things which would upset me.” Jay, 18.

“How could I possibly give one reason to why I love ‘Friends’? There are many. I started watching it because my best friend suggested it to me, and I fell in LOVE. It is so relatable that I feel I’m living in their world, there is always a moral teaching to every episode, every aspect of it, all the while making us laugh. I am personally more of a Monica, as I am a clean freak, but the character of Rachel inspires me a lot. Her journey from being a doted child to a strong, independent girl gives me the confidence of being able to do anything if I put my efforts in it.” Neha, 20.

Every actor playing the main 6 characters have some incidents of their personal life connected to the series. Be it Jennifer Aniston meeting Brad Pit for the first time, or Lisa Kudrow’s pregnancy being written into the script. Talking about pregnancies, another reason for praise of this series is, all 3 female characters have babies in the series, but Phoebe is surrogate, Rachel is a single, unmarried mother and Monica adopts twins, so none of them have had children in the conventional way.


Today, there is a whole new generation discovering this 25 years old series and looking at it in their own perspective. The Reunion episode aired on 27th May was something all Friends fan had always been eager to see. It may be difficult to digest some revelations made by the cast during the interview, but it was nevertheless worth it. Seeing all actors together once again, reading the script together, remembering some cherished memories, crying, huddling, laughing, hugging, enjoying, was a treat to the eyes. Maybe, “just one last time” is not enough after all.

-Aditi Teredesai

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