Artificial intelligence: Machine Learning Driving Business In 21st Century

Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist believed ‘AI is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity.’
He might not be able to see anymore what AI is progressing into or will progress into, in future but he knew a thing or two about AI. And he’s damn true about AI’s capabilities. At best it can provide human with Machine learning, and its vast scope in medical, research, mathematics, space, internet and robotics but
at worst it can cause serious problems ranging from making you bankrupt to starting wars with Russia and China. Problems like the ones you might’ve seen in Avengers age of Ultron movie. When Ultron starts taking matters into its own hands. Subduing Jarvis first and then go planning an extinction of planet Earth.
Well that day might not come to life but you’ve to admit that there’re serious issues which need careful execution.

Here’s how Artificial intelligence will change the business world forever-


Artificial intelligence has serious advantages in this field. From Security for people at home to security at offices, factories, and even prisons. Using sensors to figure out how many people are at a time at anyplace, behind walls,  their random movements, facial expressions and body language will advance the  security.  It can also alert sending wireless signals if someone is panicking, carrying illegal items at airport, train stations, bus stations, restaurants and hotels. Using AI effectively and more diligently will seriously reform the security sector. It won’t be hyperbole to say that it will save lives. Various terrorism related attacks like the ones that happened in Manchester, Gun violence at  a Florida school killing many children in USA, stuffs like that can be prevented. 

Healthcare services

We aren’t over this pandemic yet and think about how many lives have been lost to COVID 19 already. Stuffs like Artificial Narrow Intelligence, and ASI , AGI can seriously marvel the health care system with advance machine learning capabilities of AI. From conducting X-ray to Patching a tear in Skin, diagnosing a tumour to perform simple surgeries. The advantages are unlimited. 

Did you hear about Artificial intelligence controlled shoes that can help the Blinds avoid obstacles in their path. Yes…..those shoes are here. No more stumbling.  A brain-computer interface is developed by Stanford University, California which can enable a person with paralysis type what he/she sees with his/her eyes. The device converts at the success rate of 90 characters per minute which is the best so far. Two small arrays of sensors are used under the surface of the brain to make it work.

In a country like India where Doctor to patient ration is 1:1456. One doctor attending to 1456 patients is What will kill patients first not the disease. With many health workers losing their lives, this no. is still worsening. AI can help the healthcare system with Training modules for health workers, medicines, and even man power. 


Driver less cars and trains are around now. Even Delhi metro has gone driver less. Tesla, Morris Garage, Mercedes, Benz, KIA, Honda they’re all working on automation in cars and in their manufacturing industries as well. Automation can help with a higher standard of living for humans. You can get everything on your palm. Controlling your Wardrobe to lights to entertainment devices.  With logistic Regression, machine learning, you don’t even have to choose what to wear, what to watch or listen depending on your mood ..AI will do it for you. 

Logistic regression is like Spotify creating playlists for you based on your listening history. If you’re a fan of Spotify like I’m you’ll know how meaningful that is.

Space & Research

NASA recently discovered another planet using Artificial intelligence. Researchers at NASA used advance machine learning technology from Google. The planet is named Kepler 90i after it was discovered by a NASA planet finding telescope named KEPLER. After Collecting and analysis tons of data patterns this ground breaking discovery was done. SpaceX is also deploying machine learning in the field of space and research. AI is the new future I believe. Tech, engineering, health , transport, manpower name it, AI will change how you see and experience things around you. But as I explained earlier we’ve to be very careful with AI as ‘Our intelligence is what makes us human and AI is an extension of that quality’. We’ve to use artificial intelligence in a very diligent and cautious way. A recent report suggests that Artificial intelligence will leave 40% of the total World’s current task force jobless in upcoming few years. With increasing  unemployment around the world this could create a catastrophic effect. People losing livelihood is not desired at any cost. We’ve to utilise AI but not in a way that leaves humans worthless. We’ve to find a balance.

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