Google IO 2021: Here’s what’s New at Google

Google recently concluded it’s annual  “Google i/o”  That they hosted in Mountainview California;

if any of you wondering what’s Google I/O?– It’s their annual developers conference that they host where they give the glimpses of what’s possible with google, what we can achieve and what’s new with the android and AI world. I/O means input/output referring to their slogan “Innovation in the open” , They literally hosted the event in the open.

So What happened this time? The key highlights of the events are as follows-


LaMDa is an open domain language model that allows you to converse on any topic.  “A breakthrough in natural language understanding. A language model for dialogue applications. Natural conversations are generative and they never take the same path twice “- Sundar Pichai, Google CEO described it. LaMDa is able to carry a conversation no matter what happens.
An Open eded dialogue model !

From talking to Pluto to a paper airplane;

What’s the worst place you’ve ever landed ?
– that’d have to be in a puddle. I was just barely still intact, so I was stuck there for a few minutes. It was quite annoying. 

Well that was paper plane describing it’s experience on landing in a puddle.

But there’s more.
Let’s have a conversation with Pluto ( it still considers itself a Planet ..even if we don’t)-

Sundar further elaborates, “it’s still trained only on text. So we need to build models that allow people to naturally ask questions across different types of information”

Images.   Text.   Audio.   Video 
Multimodal models. 
It’s like when you ask 
”show me the part where the lion roars at sunset? ” we’ll get you to exact moment in the video” kinda thing.

TPU V4Pods.

TPU V4Pods (Tensor processing units) –  A single V4 pod contains 4096 chips and each part has 10x the interconnected bandwidth per chip at scale compared to may networking technology.
These are ten times as fast as it’s predecessor.It can deliver more than an exaflop of computing power – more than of 10 millions of people were on their laptops right now. Seriously historic.

An error corrected Quantum computer is the next thing in Google’s quantum journey and success would mean everything from increase battery efficiency to creating more sustainable energy to improved drug discovery and so much more.  You also missed Michael Pena…He’s great at cracking puns.

Sunder also shared how advances in Artificial intelligence is making google products more helpful. That sounds amazing if you ask me. But there more..

From android introduction in 2008 to android 12 beta, Google has come a long way. 3B active android devices across globe. i mean wow!

What’s new in Android 12 ? it seems very promising with key features as follows-

Improved  color, shapes, light and motion inspired by Material You.  
New for google pixel-
Color extraction – a custom palette based on pictures in google photos. 

And What’s new with Wear OS?-
In collaboration with Samsung, Google’s new unified platform is focused on faster performance, longer battery life and a thriving developer community.

Smartphone photography-

To make more accurate and inclusive camera, Google’s making auto white balance adjustments and algorithmically reducing stray light to bring out natural brown tones and prevent over brightening and desaturation of darker skin tones. 

Google health-

To improve mammography and better understanding of how AI can apply to the breast cancer screening process google is working with northwestern medicine on an investigative device Research study. 

Project starling –
 It is currently available in few google offices, Which captures your shape and appearance from multiple perspectives by creating 3d imaging and 3D modelling, to give you realistic representation of someone sitting in front of you using high resolution cameras and custom-built depth sensors. 

MUM – Multitask Unified Model

MUM is google’s new AI milestone. It can help users with more complex information tasks. 
From comparing two Mountains you wanna choose from, for your next trekking to informing you on weather, supplies, and everything that’s necessary as carry ons, MUM is next gen. It can literally inform you if your shoes are comfortable and good for trekking or running; how cool …right!

Google’s password manager got some new upgrades. It’s already used by over 500 M people. To make you stress free from worrying about your passwords, it now creates, remembers, saves and auto-fills for you. Password alert helps you with security of your passwords and alerts you if any of your passwords is compromised.

Google is improving it’s Google Photos section. With more efficient design, google photos brings to you an unique set of photos with a set of 3 or more photos with similarities like shape or color, highlighting these patterns in memories. 
From your adventure with certain Orange backpack to your night-outs in your favourite black top;

Google Maps- What’s new here !-
A more improved google maps can now show you what you need and looking for at any given time of the day. From grabbing a coffee in the morning to a lunch or dinner ..maps will feature those places. Also More fuel efficient routes to choose from; 


With more merchants =  more choices for  shoppers Google’s Shopify makes it easy for merchants to feature their products across google, including search, images, maps, and YouTube in few clicks only. The shopping graphs utilises AI to understand products, sellers, brands, reviews, and inventory data from sellers, connecting people with 24 billion listings from merchants across the web. From inspiration to purchase in no time.

Google’s new AR in google Search , now features Megan Rapinoe, Naomi Osaka  Simone Biles perform their impressive feats up close. if you’re really looking for serious practice- that’s the stuff for you.

Google lense now can translate Educational content from 100+ languages across web  to your native language. Just click a photo of any science problem and get help in your language.

By 2030 Google also aims to operate on carbon free energy 24/7 and is committed to be more helpful for everyone.

(Images from-google)

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