Israel-Palestine Conflict: Biden Not Under Pro-Palestinian Pressure at Home

US President Harry S. Truman took the necessary steps towards “A Jewish national home” in 1946 and in 1948 Israel was pronounced a free, independent state.

The Us-Israel alliance has been very significant in the region with billions of USD (nearly $4B) worth defense trades/aid every year. 

After 11 days of fighting, Hamas firing Hundreds of rockets into central Israel and Israeli defense forces air-striking the terrorist bases in Gaza in retaliation, On Thursday Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire which was brokered by USA and Egypt.

During the heights of 11 days of violence Dems and Republican legislators, both pro-Palestinian and Pro- Israeli, expressed dismay over how Biden was handling his first middle-east foreign policy crisis after assuming office. Amid Africa, China, and Russia Israeli- Palestinian conflict wasn’t on the menu until recently.

Speaking from The White House Biden said “In my conversation with President Netanyahu, I commended him for the decision to bring the current hostilities to a close within less than 11 days. I also emphasized what I’ve said throughout this conflict – The United States fully supports Israel’s right to defend itself against indiscriminate rocket attacks from Hamas, another Gaza based terrorist group that have taken the lives of innocent civilians in Israel. I assured him my full support to replenish Israel’s Iron dome system to ensure defenses and security in the future”- reuters.

“I send my sincere condolences to all the families, Israeli and Palestinian, who have lost loved ones. My hope for a full recovery for the wounded.

I believe the Palestinians and the Israelis equally deserve to live safely and securely and to enjoy equal measures of freedom, prosperity and democracy.”

Later on, Friday when the US President hosted first foreign heads of state at White House, the South Korean President Moon Jae-In, he told reporters, “My party still supports Israel. Until the region say unequivocally they acknowledge the right of Israel to exist, as an independent Jewish state, there will be no peace.”

He further added, “There is no shift in my commitment, the commitment to the security of Israel, period. No shift, not at all.”

We still need a two-state solution, that’s the only answer.”

While it’s obvious that Joe Biden, though acting diplomatically (more so than Trump) is not relenting under the pressure of democrats who are increasingly vocal critics of Israel just as his left partners.

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