India Reiterates Its Strong Support To The JUST Palestinian Cause And Its Unwavering Commitment To The Two-State Solution At UNSC

Indian Permanent Representative at UNSC  Mr. TS Tirumurti expressed India’s apprehension of the spread of violence any further as the events of last several says which began in East bank  have resulted in a sharp deterioration of the security situation. 

”Indiscriminate rocket firing from Gaza targeting the Civilian population in Israel And the retaliatory strike into Gaza, have caused immense suffering and resulted in deaths, including women and children.”

”India has also lost one of her nationals living in Israel in this rocket fire – a caregiver in Ashkelon. We deeply mourn her demise along with all other civilians who have lost their lives,” he added.
India reiterated its strong condemnation of all acts of violence, provocation, incitement and destruction. 

”Immediate de-escalation is the need of the hour” , Mr. Tirumurti said. 

He also reiterated India’s strong support to the JUST Palestinian cause and its unwavering commitment to the two-state solution.

When UN adopted the resolution regarding partition plan in November 1947, Palestine war broke out on November 30th. Israel became an sovereign state on May 14, 1948. 

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