Those who wish me dead: Not A Movie Review;

Angelina Jolie is back again. This time with Taylor Sheridan’s drama/thriller ‘Those Who wish me dead’. A much needed movie for her fans and a must watch since it’s been a while seeing Jolie. A bit of drama and lots of action is what I need in a movie these days.

Set in the wild of Montana, movie has fantastic visuals. River, creek, trees and greenery, little bit of everything apart from lightining, a raging wild fire ; and bullets aiming to kill.

The movie follows the story of Hannah a fire watcher who made her abode in a small cabin, a fire lookout tower, across the wild. She meets a young boy Connor (portrayed by Australian actor Finn little) whose dad has just been shot and handed him over State secrets that can expose governments, governors, before being killed himself.
”Creeks lead to rivers and rivers lead to towns ” that were his last words to his son.

Now Patrick and Jack (played by Nicholas Hoult and Aiden Gillen, who you might recall from Game of thrones as one little finger) are hunting Conner to retrieve the secrets after killing his dad.

Find out if Hannah and Ethan, who is a Sheriff (played by Jon Bernthal) can save Conner !

In an interview Jolie said that she was very impressed how Finn could stay focused during his emotional shots. tbh he did great.

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